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Three Days

ago I was in fucking heaven. She picked me up at eight in the morning, went to her house, and loved me. We showered, went to school, perfect.

That was Tuesday.

On Wednesday I barely kissed her
On Thursday I kissed her once.
On Friday I barely spoke to her.

In fact it is Friday right now, 11:27PM, and she is hanging out with others. I talked to her, she said she got no time this night, she got no time tomorrow, has to work. And then she'll see "that movie". But said she's going to call me.
Why? What did I do wrong in having a relationship with her? Is the "are you gonna be my girl" question that important? Is it not enough to tell her everytime I see or talk to her how much I adore her? Or is it something different?

Anyway, I can't sleep, wanna kill myself, or at least get a few shots of Vodka.

-- I want to cry but I'm all dried out!

18.3.07 19:05

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